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Weld Mesh, also known as Mesh Fencing primarily comprises high-quality steel wires which are electrically welded together to form a strong mesh structure. It can be made in MS and Galvanised wire.

Welded Wire Mesh is very useful even as a genuine reinforcement substitute of conventional steel bar/round.

Weld Mesh Fences find increased use with respect to security owing to the fact that they can create a strong steel barrier – more rigid than woven fences. It is produced in accurate size & process tested Mild Steel hard drown wires permanently and rigidly welded in square or rectangular patterns by Electric Resistant Welding with accurate spacing in both directions.

Advantages of using Weldmesh in Reinforcement:

  1. Reduces consumption upto 40% of steel
  2. Saves cost in terms of material, labour and wastage
  3. Saves time in installation
  4. Easy installation
  5. Effective, maintains interlocking
  6. Rust proof

Available both in Mild Steels (MS steel) and Galvanised wire (GI coated)

Our consistent welding practices and superior coating technology, Swastick’s Mesh Fences are anti-cut, anti-break, and anti-corrode thus promising great returns on investment!